Adaptive Motor Sports manufactures, adapts, and sells several types of motor sports vehicles for people with high level injuries, limited mobility, and different types of disabilities. There are not many motor sports or adaptive recreational vehicles that are available for those who have high-level injuries and limited mobility. These vehicles give new challenges, adventure, independence,
and new sense of freedom to people with all types of disabilities.

All AMS vehicles are built to fit the customer and their needs. AMS vehicles are modified to be operated by joystick, or by simple hand controls. Our joystick vehicles are set up to operate gas, brake, and steering all on a single or double joystick configuration. A person who can operate a power wheelchair can operate a AMS vehicle. These vehicles are great for the mind, body, and soul. When driving through the trails or open fields, these vehicles turn into wings, and give a disabled person a taste of the freedom they once had, or never had.
The vehicles are adapted with the best products and software. Our motors and servos are the
pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control.

Precision Linear Actuator and servo systems are ideally designed for positioning applications where strong thrust, high speed, and positioning accuracies are critical.

Our joysticks and controllers are top of the line products and are the intelligent brains of our vehicles. The joysticks we install provide the perfect solution for those who require joysticks with frequent cycling of the controls, highly responsive performance and reliability under arduous conditions. Our controllers are reliable and adjustable so each individual can make their own custom adjustments on their steering, throttle, and braking control system.
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